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Feb 2024


If you are looking for a great duck hunt, contact Jay with Trophys Unlimited. We hunted near the Laguna Madre and got Redheads, Pintail, Wigeon, Spoonbills, Blue wing, Green wing teal and some Cinnamon teal. A duck hunters dream hunt! We will be back in 25!

Feb 2024


The hunting was great, and the food was good too! Our party of 7 had a great time. We have hunted a lot of places together. It was awesome and a trip of a lifetime! We had a blast and will recommend this trip to anyone!


Feb 2024


I got 2 of my bucket list birds and shot more ducks in 3 days than I ever have ! What a blast. Jay is awesome and we got to hunt with him one day ! See you next year!


Feb 2023


Our trip to Mexico was awesome! Our group did extremely well for all 3 days and we were able to check a few birds off of our bucket list! The food and staff was great and we highly recommend this trip to any avid duck hunter!


October 2023

Thank you Jay! Great place to stay! Top notch owners and staff I would highly recommend this place. It was beautiful!! Great location for  hunting and the staff was very excellent. The guides put us on an amazing duck hunt every day. We got 10 different species! Very excited! See you again soon!!


Erica and Sara

July 2023

The best hunting I have ever been a part of. I hunt in Arkansas and Canada a lot but this place is indescribable!  I'm glad my son could be with me too. Enjoyed winding down here after a long day of hunting. Excellent companionship, food was delicious, and cold beer. A fun place to gather with family. We will be back.



June 2023

GREAT place!!! Wow... So many ducks and doves!!!

Our group had a wonderful, action packed yet relaxing weekend!! The lodge is well stocked! The location is amazing! Very peaceful!! We will definitely be back!!



August 2021

What a awesome place to stay!!! I definitely recommend the lodge to everyone. Nick was a awesome host and he went out of his way to make sure our stay was great. The duck and perdiz hunting is phenominal!



July 2021

Amazing place! We saw more ducks in 4 days than I have in a lifetime..Beautiful surroundings!

Great accomodations, love the culture and we will be back!


May 2021

Fabulous!! We had the time of our lives .Thank you Jay for all you did . We will be back!



Dec 2021

Great getaway for a group. We got 9 different species between us and some were excellent trophies. Man, what a trip!



Nov 2021

What an awesome place for a bachelor party or hunting trip of any kind. Perfect place to all hang out and have fun while having everything you need to make you feel right at home. The hunting is more than you expect! We will be back for another hunting trip!!!Thank you!



May 2021

Very beautiful place. We love the drive from Buenos Aires. The hunting has my arm sore! lol The people made our trip that much more special. See you next year!



January 2021

Awesome place. Our hunting group enjoyed everything about it.



December 2020

If I were grading , I would give them an A+. Cant say enough good things about Argentina. We are just soaking it all in now and want to thank you for everything. I'll send you some pictures!



October 2020

We booked a father/son trip for duck hunting - 4 dads and 4 boys. We had great hunting with lots of action and limits of ducks every day. The staff treated us to a great lunch midday and then off for more hunting. When we weren't in the field, the lodge was perfect. Its a beautiful place. We enjoyed it all. We are planning a return trip!

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