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King Salmon Fishing Charters (Chinook)

Kenai River King salmon, also known as Chinook, are the largest of their kind, and have made the Kenai River a world-famous destination to land one of these massive fish! Kings range in size from 25 to over 80 pounds! The Kenai River King salmon run is divided into two runs. The first run of king salmon fishing starts from May through the end of June, here is Alaska. The second run, often containing some of the biggest fish of the season, arrives at the beginning of July. King salmon season closes on July 31st every year. We use boats to target king salmon and employ a wide range of techniques based on decades of Kenai River guiding experience. Plan your trip today!

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"Everywhere you look is a storybook picture and the fishing was phenomenal!

Jimmy Shepherd..Macon, Ga


Our boats are Coast Guard approved and designed for your safety and comfort.

Our Guides Are Kenai River Fishing Experts

Alaskan Salmon is known to be some of the finest tablefare for fish lovers!! Salmon fishing on the Kenai is like no other place in the world! Professional guides with knowledge, experience and integrity are our personal guarantee. They’re trusted family, highly seasoned enthusiasts, or local legends. In the boats or from shore, their sole objective is your success. Our staff and guides will work with your group, explain your fishing options based on current fishing conditions to develop the best plan for you. You decide what you and your group wants to do and they’ll do the rest: chase trophies, limit-out, multi-species, or an exploratory fishing mission. It’s your call!

Alaska King Salmon fishing with over 80 years of Kenai River fishing experience. Our Alaska salmon adventures starts with the crew.


Our Alaska fishing Captains will not only guide your group to a variety of fantastic fishing opportunities, but will also assist you with your in-camp, shore fishing needs. Kenai River Cabin fishing packages include rods, reels, as well as tackle to extend your fishing opportunities around camp. The sites and the culture are unmatched anywhere in the World! Kenai charter fishing is very exciting and a definite "Bucket List" trip of a Lifetime!

Alaska Halibut Fishing Adventures

Are you ready to catch possibly the "Biggest Fish of your Life!" Come experience Halibut Fishing in the Cook Inlet in Alaska, devouring anything unlucky enough to cross their path! A “small” Cook Inlet halibut weighs around 20 pounds, and the “barn doors” weigh in between 100 to 200+ pounds!  Our Alaskan Halibut Fishing Guides have accumulated decades worth knowledge on where Cook Inlet halibut like to congregate. We will take you to our favorite “honey holes,” drop lines, and let the action begin! Halibut have a delicious, rich, white meat, and each fish provides 4 thick fillets. Make space in your freezer because it only takes a few to fill it up!

Saltwater Combos

The ultimate Alaska fishing adventure charters target multiple species. Depending on the seasonal timing of runs and regulations, saltwater combo trips may include silver salmon, king salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and yellow eye. Saltwater combo fishing trips are 10-12 hours long and typically run to the far reaches of Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska, accessing remote and sparsely fished waters. Expect to see all kinds of marine wildlife on these trips, and to have plenty of space in your freezer back home for all the fish you will catch.

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